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45° Elbow in silicone hose.

45 degree elbow in silicone hose.

Note: A minimum order value on silicone hoses is £25

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Bore Size (mm) Part No. Price Add to Basket
6.5mm A45-065 £7.20
8.0mm A45-08 £7.50
9.5mm A45-095 £7.80
11mm A45-11 £8.40
13mm A45-13 £9.00
16mm A45-16 £9.60
19mm A45-19 £9.90
22mm A45-22 £10.20
25mm A45-25 £11.40
28mm A45-28 £12.00
30mm A45-30 £12.30
32mm A45-32 £12.60
35mm A45-35 £12.90
38mm A45-38 £13.20
41mm A45-41 £13.80
45mm A45-45 £14.10
48mm A45-48 £14.40
51mm A45-51 £15.60
54mm A45-54 £16.20
57mm A45-57 £16.50
60mm A45-60 £17.40
63mm A45-63 £18.00
70mm A45-70 £19.20
76mm A45-76 £21.00
80mm A45-80 £22.80
83mm A45-83 £26.26
89mm A45-89 £30.00
102mm A45-102 £42.00

All elbows have equal leg lengths of 63mm up to 12mm diameter, 100mm from 13mm diameter up to 57mm, and 125mm from 60mm diameter up to 102mm diameter.
From 6mm diameter up to 48mm diameter are of 3 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 3.5mm.
From 49mm diameter up to 83mm diameter are of 4 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 5mm.
From 84mm diameter up to 102mm diameter are 5 ply construction, and a wall thickness of 6mm.
Burst pressures are rated at 4:1 of safe working load. Separate test sheet results available.
All silicone products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality system. Certificate No.07103Q10016ROM

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