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Promax Performance Chips For Porsche

Porsche 968 performance chip.

Car Model Year Engine size Poss. power increase* Poss. torque increase* ECU Number Chip
Porsche 968 1992 - 95 3.0 25 bhp 22 lbft 0 261 203 070 28 Pin DIP

Performance Chip for a Porsche 968

* If you are prepared to use 98 octane fuel (not essential, but best to get the maximum performance) - you can enjoy the performance that your car is actually capable of. Power gains are anything from 10-25bhp (often more) with torque gains of 15-22lbft.

NOTE: All power and torque gains are dependent on your car's current engine condition, modifications, induction and exhaust systems. Power gains can not be guaranteed.

Recent testing (November 2005)

One of our European Customers (in Holland) has just carried out a dyno test with his 1992 Porsche 968 (150.000 Km, dealer maintained in accordance with factory service recommendations, 17" wheels, totally original condition - except for the ProMAX Performance Chip).

The test was carried out on a Dynojet 248C dyno, figures corrected for temperature, pressure and humidity to DIN specifications. Run back-to-back against the original factory chip.

Assuming the lowest drivetrain losses (15%). Absolute corrected power and torque at flywheel were:

With ProMAX Performance Chip (7100R)
Power: 251BHP (@ 6,500RPM)
Torque: 325Nm (@ 4,200RPM)

With standard chip
Power: 229BHP (@ 6,350RPM)
Torque: 298Nm (@ 4,460RPM)

NOTE: The ROW chip makes a little more power than the USA version (ProMAX 968 chips). So, if you're not running a ProMAX Performance Chip - you're not going as fast as you could be! Contact Stuart at K300 to get yours!

To Order the Performance Chip for a Porsche 968 or Accessories

Performance Chip for a Porsche 968
  Performance Chip for a Porsche 968 £95.00

Instructions for installing the performance chip are here

Customer Comments

I don't normally think much of performance chips, mucking about with the engine and all that, but I was persuaded to try the chip by another forum member. Wish I'd done it years ago when he got his, I realise now that I could have been enjoying the car a lot more.
PB, email - 25-11-2012

On installing the 7100 chip I could not believe the difference from stock, there was a marked improvement in all areas especially smoothing out the 4k onwards jump that used to exist with the old stock chip.............
PS. Can't reccomend enough the upgrade to these chips from stock if anyone is still running Porsche's original!
GS, email - 25-5-05

Promax chip......... fantastic change in car ,not so much performance but drivability..many thanks!!
JG, email - 20-4-05

Thanks for your help this afternoon. The cars feels better, how much better is dificult to tell on the M61 in rush hour traffic, but is a definate improvement. I am looking forward to driving properly over the weekend.
PS, email, 22-04-05.

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