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Performance Box

Predictive lap-timing, now free for PerformanceBox

PerformanceBox | Performance Meter | Laptimer | Data Logging | Power Calculator | Order

PerformanceBox History
PerformanceBox is a version of DriftBox, which was launched in early 2006 to wide acclaim. Subsequent to this success it was decided that a version of DriftBox which does not include the yaw rate sensor, and which therefore cannot measure drift angle, would be a worthy addition to the Racelogic product range.


Racelogic PerformanceBox

As a result we are now able to offer a comprehensive package of performance meter and data logger. In addition there is a vehicle power calculation mode, and accurate speed display which will also display Points of Interest.

How Does PerformanceBox Work?

PerformanceBox - Rear ViewHoused inside the PerformanceBox is a high performance 10Hz GPS engine, which measures Speed, Postion, Acceleration and Heading ten times a second.

PeformanceBox is equipped with an MMC/SD Flash memory card socket. This allows 10Hz logging of Time, Distance, Speed, Position, G-force, Lap Times, and Split Times.

Data logged to the MMC flash card can be analysed in detail using the PC software provided. For convenience, PerformanceBox can be connected to the USB port of a PC compatible computer to download information stored on the memory card.

Predictive Lap-Timing

Predictive lap timing with Performance Box works by comparing your current lap with your previous best once per second, and showing the difference in real-time. When you take a corner better than before, you can instantly see how much you have gained. What’s more, it’s available free as a firmware download for existing Performance box owners now.

To Order the PerformanceBox or Accessories

PerformanceBox Options
  Package 01
Includes internal antenna, cigar- lighter power supply, software and manual on CD.
  Package 02
Includes internal antenna, cigar lighter and mains power supplies, USB cable, SD card, software and manual on CD.
  Package 03
Includes internal antenna, cigar lighter and mains power supplies, USB cable, SD card, software and manual on CD, professional carry case, external antenna.

  External antenna
Magnetic patch antenna with 3M-MCX connector.
  Additional windscreen mounting cradle
Includes suction cups.
  Mounting cradle suction cups
Set of three
  In car power supply £11.00
  UK mains power supply £11.75
2Ahr battery and mains charger.
  Professional carry case
Moulded plastic case containing laser-cut foam insert, branded with the Racelogic logo.

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