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PerformanceBox as a Lap Timer

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PerformanceBox Lap TimerBecause PerformanceBox uses a fast GPS engine, it knows precisely where you are every 1/10th of a second. Using this information, it can compare your current position with a number of stored reference points and use this information to trigger a lap timer function.

Setting it up is very easy and only has to be done once. Just put PerformanceBox into setup mode, and drive over the point you wish to define as the start/finish line. This point is then converted into a line at 90 degrees to your direction of travel, and stored in the internal memory.

Up to 6 Splits can be defined in a similar manner, and you can freeze corner exit speeds by using the Speed@Split function, making it more than just a simple lap timer.

There is a 99 lap memory, with every lap and split recorded to the SD card for later analysis.

As usual with PerformanceBox there are a host of other features such as modes for slalom courses, a one-shot mode for Sprint circuits, different options for split times, and you can load and save all start / finish and split points to a file on the SD card.

No other lap timer combines all of these features in one easy to use and affordable unit.

PerformanceBox Startline        PerformanceBox Startline 2

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