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Pagid Brake Pads

PAGID Racing Brake Pads are developed for motorspot use but they may also be fitted to road cars where exceptional braking performance from high speed is required. In nine different compounds the PAGID racing compounds are complex formulations with very high ceramic material content.

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Pagid RS4-2-1 Black
Made from a high performance compound with low fading and high cold friction. These pads are rotor friendly and suitable for street use and light track use. They are OE on various high performance cars such as Corvette, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborgini and Lotus.

Pagid RS4-2 Blue
This is a medium friction compound has good cold friction and has fading resistance up to 500oC. This pad has a very good modulation and an acceptable rotor ware rate, it is used in small single seater's and is a classic rally compound.

Pagid RS4-4 Orange
The RS4-4 has a higher average friction value than the 4-2 and also has very good fade resistance. It is a rotor friendly compound and doesn't have aggressive friction behaviour and is more predictable. The fading resistance is up to 560oC. This brake pad is ideal as a rear compound for Touring Car applications in combination with the RS14 front brake pads, it is mainly used in Porsche 911 racing and is used on either Short Track or Long Distance.

Pagid RS14 Black
The RS14 is a ceramic type, medium high friction compound with a high fade resistance, low heat conductivity and with very good modulation. The pad also has a good wear rate of up to 650oC and is disc friendly with visible grooving but a limitation of hairline cracks. This brake pad is used in CART, F3, GT Cars, NASCAR, Rally, Touring Cars and WSC

Pagid RS15 Grey
This pad has a very high torque compound, combining 20% higher friction value with a slightly increased pad wear. The RS15 has a quick bedding in procedure and has good release characteristics. Be aware that this pad may have excessive bite for some applications even though it has a very good modulation.

Pagid RS19 Yellow
Best compound for endurance racing on the basis of the RS 14. A slight reduction of the friction value improves the modulation. Nevertheless, the friction value is enough for cars without power-assisted brake system and ensures comfortable low effort on the brake pedal. Constant temperatures up to 600 deg/C (1.100 deg/F) are possible. The combination of friction value, fading stability and low wear rates on pads and discs realised with this pad compound is unmatched up to now. Due to its outstanding wear rate and drive ability also used at many sprint races. Application: All endurance racing cars from group N (Speed-WC, Grand Am Cup) up to GT and Sport-Prototypes. A multiple winner of Daytona 24hr, Le Mans 24hr, Sebring 12hr, Spa 24hr, Nurburgring 24hr, often with no pad change and usually no disc change.

This brake pad improves modulation with a slight reduction of the friction value but is enough for cars without power-assisted braking systems which ensures low effort on the brake pedal. It is possible to have constant temperatures of up to 600oC. With the low wear rates, friction value and fading stability this brake pad, up to now, is unmatched. The RS19 is used in endurance racing cars group N to GT, Sports-Prototypes and it is also used at many Sprint Races because of its outstanding wear rates and drive ability.

Pagid RS29 Yellow
The RS29 is a new endurance compound that combines the RS19's outstanding wear rate with better heat resistance and a higher coefficient of friction.

Sport Pad S-line
This is a high performance brake pad compound with characteristics such as low fading and a high cold friction. This Sport Pad is the most comfortable medium friction sports pad that is rotor friendly and is suitable for street use and light track use. The "S" pads are dipped in a blue anti-corrosive paint with a layer on the friction surface. The layer of paint will disintegrate when the brake pads are first used and will not cause any loss of friction compared to other Pagid brake pads without the anti-corrosive coating. The majority of the S-Line pads come with anti-noise shims as standard.

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