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Kangaroo Paw Design

'Kangaroo Paw' is a patented hi-tech disc rotor ventilation system,designed and manufactured in Australia by Disc Brakes Australia.

The ‘Kangaroo Paw’ design features a series of 144 diamond and tear drop shaped pillars and columns, individually spaced between the rotor faces. This system provides two key advantages.

One advantage of this design is the ability to cool the rotor faster than ever before.This works on the same principal as an air-impeller, designed to extract hot air.

As the disc rotor rotates, aerodynamic turbulence around the individual pillars and columns is generated, increasing the force of hot-air out from within the internal areas of the rotor.

The second advantage is the increased dimensional stability across the disc rotor, directly achieved by the individually spaced pillars and columns.

These advantages increase the disc rotor’s efficiency by as much as 20 per cent when compared to conventional rotor designs.

A 20 per cent increase in disc rotor efficiency, directly translates to reduced brake operating temperatures, brake fade, disc rotor stresses, disc thickness variation, run-out and shudder.

Importantly,customers fitting DBA 'Kangaroo Paw' rotors will benefit from significantly better braking performance and at no extra cost to the consumer or trade user.

This technology is specifically designed for the modern vehicle,covering a wide range of driving styles, from street use to 4WD, including high performance applications.

Kangaroo Paw technology is another example of Disc Brakes Australia’s commitment to improve driving safety.

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