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Performance Parts For Your Sports Car.

Official dealers for Hel Hoses, Goodridge Hoses, EBC Brakes, Mintex Brakes, Ferodo Pads, KW Suspension, Koni Suspension, Pagid Brake Pads, Recaro Seats, Powerflex Bushes, Promax Performance Chips, Cheetah, Snooper and Road Angel.

Are you looking for that little bit of extra edge to your cars performance, or are you looking to completely change the way your car behaves, maybe you just want to bring an older car up to date. With new suspension components, a performance chip or simply a performance filter you will be well on the way to making your car a better performer.

Goodridge hoses and fittings.
Goodridge Hoses
EBC Brake Pads, Green Stuff, Red Stuff, Yellow stuff, Blue Stuff.
EBC Brakes
Mintex brake pads and disks. Mintex racing pads, C-Tech Brake Pads.
Mintex Brakes
KW suspension
KW Suspension
Recaro Seats
Recaro Seats
Pagid Brake Pads
Pagid Brake Pads
Powerflex Polyurethane Bushes
Powerflex Bushes
Battery Conditioners
Battery Conditioners

Koni suspension
Koni Suspension

Silicone Hoses
Silicone Hoses

Quikshift stainless air filters.
Stainless Steel Air Filters
Promax performance chips for Porsche.
Promax Chips
Speedtrap Detectors
Speedtrap Detectors
Car Waxes
Car Waxes

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