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Hawk Brake Pads

Wellman Products Group launched the Hawk Performance brand in 1990 to serve the motorsports market with performance brake pads. Today, Hawk Performance brake pads are out performing the competition establishing its self as an elite brand for both the motorsports market as well as the street performance market.

Motorsport Brake Pads

Hawk Performance have dominated motorsports race tracks for over 15 years, providing the motorsports racing industry with friction material brake pads for almost all types of racing from pavement circle racing and NASCAR to dirt circle racing and drag racing.
Hawk Performance are committed to understanding the specific needs each race type requires and are constantly testing and developing to improve their range of braking materials to give each race driver and enthusiast an unbeatable braking performance.

Street Performance Brake Pads

Hawk Performance offers the ultimate in braking performance for your street vehicle. With a proven history of friction brake pads in the racing industry for many years you can count on Hawk Performance for race proven materials and brake pad technology for your street legal car.

High Performance Street

There's no competition when it comes to performance braking, combining safety and Aerospace design quality this unique ferro-carbon provides improved braking over original equipment and standard replacement brake pads. HPS is recommended for domestic and import vehicles.

Performance Ceramic

Introducing Performance Ceramic, a high performance brake pad with low dust and low noise compound from Hawk Performance. Engineered to reduce the NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) of braking to produce a quieter brake pad. Performance Ceramic's formula allows your ABS braking system to work more effectively from having a linear friction profile.

HP Plus / Autocross

For autocross and track day drivers looking for a high performance race compound capable of taking the heat from the track but can also get them home safely without having to change the brake pads. Utilising Hawk Performances unique ferro-carbon friction material, HP Plus was developed for sport driving and track day applications with higher torque values and lower wear rates than other competitive materials.

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