Motorcycle Speedtrap Detectors

Having a motorcycle presents special circumstances when it comes to mounting radar detectors and laser protection. Because of the different environments that the devices have to operate in the detectors generally have to be manufactured in such a way that they are weather proof and possibly vibration proof. The fact that the rider will be wearing a helmet also presents special needs when it comes to making sure that the rider is aware of any speedtrap warning being displayed or sounded out.

Here are some devices that are either designed for motorcycles or have been adapted specifically to accommodate the special needs of the motorcyclist.

Vizalert 100: Rader Protection

Radar Protection Kit
It can be hard to receive the warnings from speedtrap detectors on a motorbike with wind and vibration. The Vizalert 100 is a kit containing a radar detector that sends the warnings to a helmet display unit which will alert you discreetly in your peripheral vision.

Vizalert 200: Laser Protection

Laser Protection Kit
The Vizalert 200 is a laser protection kit for motorbikes containing the Laser Pro Park and Vizalert helmet display unit to discreetly warn you of potential dangers.

Vizalert 300: Rader & Laser Protection

Radar and Laser Protection Kit
The Vizalert 300 is a radar and laser protection kit containing a radar detector, Laser Pro Park and the Vizalert helmet display to discreetly warn you of on-coming speedtraps.

Cheetah Vizalert Helmet Display

Cheetah Vizalert
Vizalert is the only visor alert system which can wirelessly display detailed alerts from popular radar detectors and laser protection, making it the only complete speed trap alert system for inside your visor. Another world first from Cheetah.

Cheetah Sentinel Radar Detector

Cheetah Sentinel
Ultra long-range radar detector. Wireless speed trap alerts. Unsurpassed detection range of both mobile and fixed radar cameras. Fully weatherproof for discreet external use on cars and motorcycles. The Cheetah Sentinel gives excellent detection of radar speedtraps and can be easily mounted onto the front of a motorcycle.

Road Angel Plus

Road Angel Plus
The Road Angel Plus radar detector is easily transferable between vehicles and the battery can last up to 8 hours so you don't even need to keep it plugged in. The Plus also features Advisory Speed warning which tells you the speed limit as you approach a speed camera, it also will alert you if you go over the speed limit which is ideal for motorway journeys.

Target LT400 Garage Door Opener

Target LT400
Long held now as probably the best laser defence device available on the market. Using a powerful Gallium Arsenide laser diode to protect the rider while they assess their speed should they get hit by a Police laser gun. Originally designed as a laser remote control the LT400 was found to have the properties of a laser jammer and is now the most sought after laser detector and defence.

Laser Pro Park

Laser Pro Park
The Laser Pro Park is new to the UK and has already become one of the best sellers with The Radar Detector Shop. This is a parking sensor that will give an audible and visual warning as you get closer to an object. The Laser Pro will be looking for a specific signal coming back from the object so if anything else which isn't recognised is sending a signal it will switch off after a few seconds.