LT400 Remote Control

The LT400 TARGET LaserTrack is an advanced Class 1 laser remote control system which can be used for various actions. Using Target's patented Remote Control technology, the LaserTrack LT400 can be used to open an electronic garage door, electronic gates or a security light fully automatically. - i.e. no remote control key fob.

The system has over 4.5 billion unique codes so you can be assured of security. The system can also handle up to 50 different vehicle transponders, meaning that you can have a LaserTrack system installed and functioning on every car you, or your business may have!

The intelligent technology recognises signals of other laser systems using the same wavelength (904 nanometres) and shuts itself off to prevent failures, informing the driver through a visual and audio signal.

The LT400 Target LaserTrack system is available in several packages.

The Car Kit- includes everything needed to fit a vehicle transponder to your car

LT430 Home System - includes everything needed to fit a home transponder and controller circuit board to a garage door, gate or security light

LT450 Complete System - consists of 1 x LT400 Vehicle System and 1 x LT430 House System

LT400-M Motorcycle Kit - includes everything needed to fit a transponder to a Motor Cycle, as well as waterproof and weatherproof toughened control elements

Installation of the LT400

The LaserTrack Car Kit LT400 is easy to install and instructions are supplied in the manual, however because vehicles are becoming evermore complex (on-board computers etc) we do recommend you seek a qualified auto-electrician to install the Car Kit.

The Home System LT430 comprises two main elements, LT420 Home Transponder and LT425 Controller Circuit Board. The Home Transponder LT420 needs to be mounted on the outside of your garage door/gate/light where it can detect the arriving vehicle at the same height as the vehicle transponder. The Controller Circuit board LT425 needs to be attached to both the home transponder and to the item it controls, eg garage door/gate/light. The connection will differ depending on the brand and type of equipment you want to activate, therefore refer to the garage or gate system dealer for instructions and advice.

Target LT400-M: Motorcycle Kit