Brake Lines

Goodridge hoses offer improved braking performance and the feel even on newer bikes. Providing both reliability and safety these hoses also improve the appearance of your motorcycle and help to eliminate any spongy pedel feel you may experience.

Goodridge brake kits include stainless steel braided hose with zinc plated fittings which can be upgraded to stainless steel fittings to help make your brake hoses last longer. The hose is protected with a clear plastic cover that helps your lines last and you have the option of changing the colour to match your motorcycle. Braided hoses are a great performance modification that any motorcycle owner should concider whether an enthuisast or weekend rider.

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Clutch Lines

Why stop at just your brakes? With Goodridge braided hose clutch lines you can get the same performance and reliability for your clutch lines. As with the brake lines this clutch lines also have a clear plastic cover to help protect and prolong the life of the braided hose and have zinc plated fittings and a upgrade option for stainless steel fittings.

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Oil Lines

Goodridge oil line hoses come in stainless steel braided hose with zinc or stainless steel fittings and help improve the performance of your motorcycle and your oil lines. With a clear plastic cover to protect the hose and prolong the life.

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Off-road Brake Lines

Improving the braking performance of your off-road motorcycle, goodridge brake lines offer safety and reliability as well as helping to eliminate spongy pedel feel. These brake hoses have a great look that lasts thanks to the plastic cover over the braided hose and have a stainless steel fittings upgrade option that can also improve the life of the brake lines.

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Stainless steel hoses can help increase the appearance of your scooter as well improve the feel and offer great performance, helping to eliminate spongy pedel feel. Goodridge Hoses are also long lasting thanks to the clear plastic coating covering the braided hose and with zinc plated fittings or upgrade to stainless steel fittings to get even more life out of your brake lines.

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